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Start @ 15,000/- Per Month.

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Steps for signing up

Target customers by geographic location

Choose to display your ads to customers throughout the entire U.S. and English-speaking Canadian market, or limit your advertising to specific states or regions.

Choose keywords related to your business

Use our Keyword Suggestion Tool for suggestions of relevant words and phrases. Light bulb TIP: Make a list of your products or services before sign-up. Review your web sites and your competitors' sites for keyword ideas.

Tell us how much you'd like to spend

Specify a daily spending limit that fits with your monthly budget and set a maximum cost-per-click—the amount you're willing to pay for each click on your ad.

Create your ad

Write an ad promoting your products and services. Your ad will consist of a title, description and URL. Light bulb TIP: Incorporate an offer if you have one, and be concise and professional in your writing.

Review and activate your ad

Review your online marketing campaign details and enter your billing information to activate your account. Your ad can go live within minutes.

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