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Qualitative and Reliable Reseller Hosting

Reseller web hosting is when you buy server space, market it yourself, and sell it on to your own customers. Since you're selling a service provided by someone else, it's extremely important that you can trust your provider. Below, you will find a list of companies that we've found to be the most reliable, and that offer really good, profitable reseller deals.

What is Reseller Web Hosting?

Reseller hosting is one type of web hosting. Here the account owner may divide up their selected hard drive space and bandwidth and resell web hosting.

Usually, resellers are web consultants who are also web developers and designers and a web or a system-integration company. Web hosting for them is an extra service along with other host of services.

Web hosting provider often gives a discount of 50 percent or more to the resellers on the price of a reseller hosting account.

Web hosting resellers are normally not in charge of maintaining web server services or other maintenance related responsibilities but just a "web hosting provider." In cases of any technical problems, such as server down and access problem, the responsibility falls on the owner of the dedicated server in which the reseller host is hosted.

Generally, a web hosting reseller can set up its web hosting company on the Internet and start selling web hosting plans under its own brand name.

Web host reselling is made very easy through "GUI Control Panels" (Graphical User Interface). Some of the reseller programs offer customs Control Panel for their resellers' customers, but a major part of the reseller programs offer the popular, well-known Control Panels.

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