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PHP Web Development

what is PHP Website?

PHP WebSite is a Content Management System provided by Electronic Student Services at Appalachian State University. It is considered Free and Open Source Software and is released under the LGPL.

Background of phpWebSite

PhpWebSite began with the release of version 0.7.0 on January 29, 2001 as a fork of Phpnuke.

PhpWebSite 0.8.x implemented broad changes to Phpnuke, including the ability to install modules.

A complete rewrite of the phpWebSite began in March 2002. The goals were to remove all Phpnuke code, increase modularity, and allow multiple installs to run off a single hub of code. The developers released the rewrite as phpWebsite 0.9.0 stable on February 2, 2003. 0.10.0 was released on November 24, 2005. It contained the same core as 0.9.x, but new default modules, themes, features and bug fixes. The final release in this series was 0.10.2, which was not compatible with PHP 5. An unreleased version .11 fixed compatibility issues, but development on this series has ceased.

PhpWebSite 1.x (codename:Fallout) began development in 2003 with the core and core modules rewritten again for new functionality and ease-of-use issues. The first edition 1.0.0 has been available since November 2006. The current version is 1.7.0, released in May 2010. Development is underway for PhpWebsite 2.0. A name change to beanie CMS will take place with this version.

Features of phpWebSite

PhpWebSite is programmed using the PHP scripting language and utilizes PHP Extension and Application Repository (or PEAR) libraries. Versions 0.7.x to 0.10.x require a MySQL database. PhpWebSite 1.x.x supports PostgreSQL as well. It was written to run under the Apache HTTP Server. PhpWebSite is a content management system (CMS) which is often used by community groups and education users. Although offered to the public, its focus is serving Appalachian State University. Electronic Student Services (ESS), a department at Appalachian State, developed phpWebSite to make it easier for staff to build and update their web sites. ESS also wished to standardize the Student Development web presence and make sure it complied with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).

PhpWebSite is a customizable, modular package; each component can be installed, updated, or modified by the phpWebSite administrator. PhpWebSite extends the customization to the user with selectable themes and HTML templates. Although PhpWebSite modules cover functions like blogging, photo galleries, and bulletin boards, they often are not as feature-rich as dedicated web programs such as Word Press, Gallery Project, or phpBB. ESS focuses on the core library files in order to ease internal module development. Since many modules focus on university users, the content modules suffer in complexity.

Global Advertising Media specializes in PHP Web Development, PHP Application Development and PHP & MySQL programming solutions. We have been working with LAMP technology since 11 years. We have expert and experienced team of PHP Developers who are expert and have vast knowledge of Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) and AJAX.

At Global Advertising Media we give you facility to hire php developers from us for all your PHP Web Development, php application development, or other php programming needs.

Our expert and skilled team of PHP developer has gained good knowledge through a different types of projects, that help us to expand our offshore PHP Web Development solutions to the real estate, ecommerce, Healthcare, Mobile, Store Management, Logistics, photography, electronics, banking utilities and many other industries.

At Global Advertising Media, we have pool of expert and experienced php developers and php coders having advanced skills of php, Ajax, Linux and Our php developers/php programmers work on linux using open source IDE, Eclipse and test application on all browsers.

PHP is well-known and widely used programming language. Global Advertising Media provides effective and affordable php development and php programming solutions for both existing and new websites running in the PHP, Apache, MySQL combination getting very popular.

PHP WebSite Features
  • asy, web-based administration - minimal computer experience is needed to maintain site content.
  • Moduler design and developer API reduces redundancy.
  • CSS based layout.
  • User and group permissions on the module and content item level.
  • Flexible layout control - site page layout can be changed at anytime.
  • Content indexed between modules.
  • Interactive content - visitors can post comments, submit blog entries and more.
  • Full featured event calendar - post events in multiple schedules.
  • Includes a selection of wysiwyg editors including
  • Simple urls with ability to create shortcuts addresses to your information.
  • XHTML and WAI compliance - we are committed to meeting XHTML 1.0 specifications by our 1.0 release. Current errors are minimal.


phpWebSite is written in the PHP Programming Language, making it ideal for developers to write customized modules. PHP is a server side programming language that is simple, cross-platform, and fast.


Our goal is to provide Universities, corporations, and individuals with a complete site content management solution that is flexible, robust, and extendable.
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