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Start @ 15,000/- Per Month.

Web Design Start @ 3,999/-

Search Engine Optimisation
Start @ 60,000/-
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Domain Registration &
Web Hosting

Start @ Rs. 2,000/-
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Google Apps Benefits

Get business-grade service with Premier Edition

Web-based office tools hosted by Google to streamline setup, minimise maintenance and reduce IT costs.


Annual cost: USD $50/user account/year

User maximum: unlimited

Messaging apps: Gmail for Business, Google Calendar and Google Groups

Gmail storage

Interoperability with Microsoft Outlook email and calendar

Sync with Blackberry Enterprise Server

Easy contacts management

Mobile email, calendar and IM access

Email security, powered by Postini

Gmail ads can be disabled

Resource scheduling in Google Calendar

Collaboration apps: Google Docs, Sites and Video

Google Sites storage: 10 GB plus 500 MB per user for shared storage

Google Video for private, secure video sharing:

Google Apps Script:

Support and reliability

24/7 phone and email support for critical issues

99.9% uptime guarantee SLA**

Self-service online support

Increased security

SSL enforcement for secure HTTPS access

Customisable spam filtering

Customise password strength requirements

Email routing and email gateway support

Migration and integration tools

Email migration tools and API

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