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Start @ 15,000/- Per Month.

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Start @ 60,000/-
For 6 Months.

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Google Adwords (CPA)

We want to improve the effectiveness of your Google Adwords campaigns by converting you from the 'pay per click' model to a 'pay per lead' model.

In this new model, you will not have any Adwords pay per click costs, nor will any advertising budget be necessary. We will do all that is required to generate traffic to your website, and convert this traffic into leads.

You only pay for leads done on your own website.

How we will help you ? Exclusive Leads:

All the leads will be generated from your own website, and are exclusive to you.

No more PPC or credit card payments :

You don't have to pay for Google Adwords. Global Advertising Media will pay for your advertising, and generate leads on your website.
You only pay for results - for leads generated on your own website.

Receive High Quality Leads:

Only potential customers who are specifically looking for your products and services will be targeted online.

Talk To Them When It Matters:

Apart from advertising to your target market, we will interact with them at a time when they are looking to buy.

Google AdWords has introduced a new way to manage your accounts if you’re using Conversion Optimizer (if you’re not using CO already, you should at least test it on one campaign).

You can now choose a Target CPA instead of a Max CPA. So what does this mean and, more importantly, how does this affect you?


Is how Conversion Optimizer has traditionally worked. You set an amount that you’d like Google to not exceed for each conversion, for example you’d set a max CPA of $10 to get a new subscriber on your list.

In the past the result of this has been that your average CPA has generally been less than this Maximum (much like a Max CPC bid of $1 generally means you’ll pay an average of say 50-80c per click).

What is Target CPA?

Target CPA is the maximum you would like to pay for the action you have defined as a conversion. For example, you may be willing to pay up to $5 to get a phone call to your business. We say "target" rather than "maximum" because in advertising you are generally looking to get as much business as you can, as long as it’s profitable. By paying more, your ads generally get more impressions or have greater reach, which translates to more leads.
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