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[Purchase Conversion, $5.00 value: Sample code snippet only – DO NOT USE]

CONVERSION TRACKING CODE - Global Advertising Media

The only requirements for installing conversion tracking on your website are as follows:
  • Approved and running AdWords ads
  • Placement of the Google code snippet in the conversion page There are no specific system requirements for your customers. For conversion tracking to properly track conversions from clicks on your ad, customers must be able to download images and enable the "cookies" feature in their browsers. This is the default setting for most web browsers.

Placing the code snippet into your website code will not affect your site unless a click on your AdWords ad leads to a conversion. Subsequently, the code you’ve placed on your conversion page will add a small but visible text block wherever you placed the code. The reason this text is visible is that we want users to be aware that they are being tracked by Google. We feel that it is important to be honest with and respect the privacy of users being tracked. We want to give them the option of disabling our cookie, if they so choose, and to remind them that none of their personal information is being used or stored in any way.

  • Examples – Do NOT Use
CONVERSION TRACKING CODE - Global Advertising Media

Your website(s) may use more than one technology to create and manage web pages. Conversion tracking will perform equally well on either a static or dynamically-generated conversion page, provided the snippet is displayed in a page the user sees after a conversion.

  • Third-party sites
Your entire website or only a portion of your site may be housed with a third party site. Google supports code snippets in most of these environments.

  • Dynamically-generated pages
The Google code snippet should be inserted into a static portion of the page. This may be done using an include statement if your web server offers server-side includes or by simply inserting the code snippet within the section of the page.

  • Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • Sun® Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)
  • Macromedia® DreamWeaver
  • Microsoft® FrontPage

  • Web pages containing frames
In cases where frames are used, it is recommended to insert the code snippet only within the HTML of the frame containing the conversion page.

  • Secure and non-secure pages
The code snippet can be used safely on both secure (security level is https://) and non-secure pages (security level is http://). You will be asked to select the security level of your pages when signing up, to ensure the code snippet uses the correct protocol (https:// or http://) on your conversion pages.

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